Teaching WGSS Online Virtual Workshop: Preparing for Fall Classes in the Time of COVID

Presented by Ms. Classroom

Thursday, July 9 and Friday July 10  |  10am–12noon PT (both days}

 Workshop Agenda and Presenter Bios

Agenda Teaching WGSS July 2020 Final

Presenter Biographies

Advance Preparation Materials

  1. In advance of our workshop, we encourage you to read:
    1. Chick, Nancy and Holly Hassel. “’Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Virtual’: Feminist Pedagogy in the Online Classroom.” Feminist Teacher, Vol. 19, No. 3 (2009), 195-215. [ChickandHassel for downloadable .pdf]
    2. Davidson, Cathy. “The Single Most Essential Requirement Designing Fall Online Courses,”  www.hastac.org, 05/11/2020.
  2. Please think about these two questions and how you might succinct respond to them in a small discussion group:
    • What is unique about your teaching?
    • What is feminist about your teaching?

Workshop Zoom Recordings:

day one

day two

Workshop Resources

Day One Materials

Workshop Slides from Julie Enszer: Enszer Ms Classroom 07082020

Oluwanifemi J. Ologunorisa Presentation: Oluwanifemi J Ologunorisa Ms. Classroom Presentation

Shawnika Johnson Presentation: Women Warriors_Shawnika_Ms. Classroom_7.7.20

Shawnika Johnson Sample Assignment: Self Reflection Assignment_7.7.20

Michelle McGibbney Vlahoulis Presentation: Nuts & Bolts Ms

Susan Shaw Handout: SPMs. online workshop presentation GVFV

Susan Shaw Book Club Activity: Sample Online Group Activity Book Club

Margaret Lowry Handout: Lowry_GVFV Ms Companion Reader Resources

Loretta Ross and Carrie Baker Handout: Adapting Teaching to Emerging Conditions

Day Two Materials

Revised Friday Agenda: Agenda Teaching WGSS Friday Modified

Michelle McGibbney Vlahoulis Slides: Michelle McGibbney Vlahoulis Dos & Don’ts

Maddy Pontz Presentation: Ms. Classroom Presentation_Social Media_Maddy Pontz

Maddy Pontz Handout: Ms. Social 1-pager

Sample Syllabi

WS Syllabus — Summer 2020 — Public Version, public course, taught by Loretta Ross.

GS202 – Intro Spring 2020, introduction to LGBT Studies, taught by Julie R. Enszer.

Introduction to Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Fall 2020, taught by Dr. Margaret Lowry, TCU

Additional Resources

Feminist Freedom Warrior Project

Chandra Talpede Mohanty and Linda Carty curate a video archive of kitchen table conversations with a large range of feminist scholar-activists.  Many of these folks are required reading in WGSS classroom.  Here’s the link:


Here is a TruthOut piece on the project: